EZ Mediclean Bathroom Rugs and Mats Sets

EZ Mediclean Bathroom Rugs and Mats Sets

EZ Mediclean Bathroom Rugs and Mats Sets

Are you tired of stepping onto a cold, hard bathroom floor after a relaxing shower or bath? The EZ Mediclean Bathroom Rugs and Mats Sets are here to solve that problem. Our 2-piece thick absorbent chenille bath mat rug set is designed to provide comfort and safety in your bathroom.

Key Features

Thick Absorbent Chenille

The chenille fabric used in our bath mats is highly absorbent, ensuring that your feet stay dry and cozy after bathing.

Non-Slip Backing

Safety is a top priority, which is why our mats are equipped with a non-slip backing to prevent any accidents in the bathroom.

Extra Soft Microfiber Shaggy Floor Mats

Experience the luxurious comfort of soft microfiber shaggy floor mats that are gentle on your feet.

Machine Washable

Easy to clean and maintain, simply toss the mats into the washing machine for a quick refresh.


  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 32×20 inches (large mat) and 24×17 inches (small mat)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these mats suitable for heated bathroom floors?

Yes, the EZ Mediclean Bathroom Rugs and Mats Sets are compatible with heated bathroom floors.

Can I tumble dry these mats?

Absolutely! These mats are safe for tumble drying on low heat.

Do they come in other colors?

Currently, the mats are available in white, but we are working on introducing more color options in the future.


Upgrade your bathroom with the EZ Mediclean 2 Piece Thick Absorbent Chenille Bath Mat Rug Set. Non-slip, water absorbent, and machine washable, these mats offer both functionality and style. Say goodbye to cold, slippery floors and hello to a more comfortable and safer bathing experience.

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