Gueevin 100 Pcs Large Security Window Envelopes

Gueevin 100 Pcs Large Security Window Envelopes

Gueevin 100 Pcs Large Security Window Envelopes

Are you in need of high-quality, secure envelopes for your healthcare billing, insurance claim, or CMS-1500 forms mailing? Look no further than Gueevin 100 Pcs Large Security Window Envelopes. Our envelopes are designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers, insurance companies, and businesses that deal with sensitive medical billing information.

Key Features

Secure Window Envelopes

Our envelopes feature a security tint and a window that allows for easy addressing of documents. This ensures that sensitive information is protected during mailing.

Self-Adhesive Strip

Say goodbye to licking envelopes! Our self-adhesive strip makes sealing the envelopes quick and easy, saving you time and hassle.

Large Size

Measuring 9 x 12.5 inches, our envelopes are large enough to accommodate standard healthcare billing and CMS-1500 forms without folding or bending.


  • Provides security for sensitive healthcare billing information
  • Convenient self-adhesive strip for easy sealing
  • Large size eliminates the need for folding documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these envelopes suitable for CMS-1500 forms?

Yes, our envelopes are specifically designed to accommodate CMS-1500 forms without the need for folding.

Can I use these envelopes for mailing insurance claims?

Absolutely! Our envelopes are perfect for securely mailing insurance claims and other sensitive healthcare billing documents.


When it comes to mailing sensitive healthcare billing information, you need envelopes that you can trust. Gueevin 100 Pcs Large Security Window Envelopes provide the security, convenience, and size you need for all your healthcare mailing needs.

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