Liquiwire鈩?鈥?Electrically Conductive Paint

Liquiwire鈩?鈥?Electrically Conductive Paint

Liquiwire鈩?鈥?Electrically Conductive Paint

Introducing Liquiwire鈩?鈥?the electrically conductive paint that is revolutionizing the way we prepare electrically conductive surfaces. With its large volume and versatile applications, Liquiwire鈩?鈥?is the go-to choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Electrically Conductive

Liquiwire鈩?鈥?is formulated with electrically conductive carbon, allowing it to create a conductive surface when applied to various materials.

Large Volume

Our huge containers ensure that you have enough paint to cover as much surface area as you need, without the worry of running out.

Many Applications

Whether you’re repairing a PCB, shielding a guitar, or fixing a remote control, Liquiwire鈩?鈥?is the perfect solution for all your DIY projects.


Our non-toxic, water-based formulation makes Liquiwire鈩?鈥?safe to use and easy to clean up. It dries quickly in the air, saving you time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liquiwire鈩?鈥?safe to use?

Yes, Liquiwire鈩?鈥?is non-toxic and safe for use on various surfaces.

Can Liquiwire鈩?鈥?be used on metal surfaces?

Absolutely! Liquiwire鈩?鈥?can be applied to metal surfaces to create an electrically conductive coating.

How long does it take for Liquiwire鈩?鈥?to dry?

It typically dries in the air within a few minutes, depending on the thickness of the application.


Liquiwire鈩?鈥?is the ultimate solution for creating electrically conductive surfaces. With its easy application, large volume, and versatile uses, it’s the perfect choice for all your DIY and professional projects.

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