MetoliusT-Nut Bag One Color 100pk

MetoliusT-Nut Bag One Color, 100pk

MetoliusT-Nut Bag One Color, 100pk

Are you looking for a reliable and convenient way to get T-nuts for your climbing wall? Look no further than the MetoliusT-Nut Bag One Color, 100pk. This high-quality bag comes with 100 T-nuts, providing you with everything you need for your climbing projects.


Durable Material

The T-nuts in this bag are made from durable and long-lasting material, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of climbing activities.

Convenient Packaging

The T-nuts come in a convenient bag that makes it easy to transport and store them. You can take them with you to the climbing gym or keep them organized in your workshop.


  • Color: One color
  • Quantity: 100 T-nuts
  • Material: Durable metal


How many T-nuts are included in the bag?

There are 100 T-nuts included in the bag, providing you with a sufficient quantity for your climbing wall.

Are the T-nuts suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, the T-nuts are made from durable metal and can be used for both indoor and outdoor climbing walls.


The MetoliusT-Nut Bag One Color, 100pk is the perfect choice for climbers who need a reliable and convenient source of T-nuts. With its durable material, convenient packaging, and ample quantity, this bag has everything you need to complete your climbing projects with ease.

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