PDR Auto Body Dent Repair Kit – Efficient Induction PDR Heater

PDR Auto Body Dent Repair Kit – Efficient Induction PDR Heater

PDR Auto Body Dent Repair Kit – Efficient Induction PDR Heater

Introducing our Iron Car Body Soft Dent Repair kit, the ultimate solution for hail dent and other soft dings repair! With our innovative magnetic induction heating head, you can effortlessly remove dents from your car’s body without causing any damage to the paint. This professional car dent repair tool is user-friendly and can be easily mastered in just three minutes by anyone with a background in metal composition. It efficiently fixes soft dents on iron car body surfaces in a mere thirty seconds, enabling you to quickly recover your investment. The large display screen ensures precise control throughout the process. Our PDR tool is specifically designed for soft dent, dent in non-marginal area, dings creases, and hail damage. Rest assured of its quality as it comes with a CE FCC RoHS PSE certificate. The repair method involves rapid, focused heating induction on the dent surrounding using the repair handle, allowing the dent to stretch and repair itself. The time control mode allows you to preset the working time, ranging from 0.5 sec to 4 sec, while the power control mode lets you preset the power from 20% to 100%. This comprehensive kit includes a PDR Main, Main Cable, Power Cable, and Repair Handle, all conveniently packed in a compact size for easy portability. Say goodbye to car dents by getting your hands on our reliable and efficient car Body Soft Dent Repair kit.


A magnetic-induction dent removal system that quickly and cleanly removes dings and soft dents on car bodies and roofs.


Equipped with a digital screen and control for precise heating time and power settings, allowing for accurate dent repair and paint restoration.


Simple and easy to use, this tool can be mastered in just three minutes by any worker with a background in metal components.


Fixes soft dents on metal surfaces within 30 seconds, with the core part being the easiest to repair. The car paint remains undamaged throughout the process, allowing customers to recover their investment after repairing six cars.


Lightweight and portable, this tool is ideal for convenient dent repairs on trucks, cars, motorcycle bodies, and doors. It is particularly suitable for body shops dealing with softer dents.

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