Pickboy Nylon Grip Pick 0.50mm 10 picks

Pickboy Nylon, Grip Pick, 0.50mm, 10 picks

Pickboy Nylon, Grip Pick, 0.50mm, 10 picks

Are you tired of your guitar pick slipping out of your fingers while you’re playing? Look no further than Pickboy Nylon Grip Picks. These 0.50mm picks are designed to provide the perfect balance of flexibility and durability, and the added grip ensures that they stay firmly in your hand, no matter how intense your playing gets.


  • 0.50mm thickness for flexibility
  • High-quality nylon material for durability
  • Textured grip for enhanced control
  • Comes in a pack of 10 for convenience

Why Choose Pickboy Nylon Grip Picks?

When it comes to guitar picks, comfort and control are key. The 0.50mm thickness of these picks provides just the right amount of flexibility, allowing for smooth strumming and picking. The high-quality nylon material ensures that they can withstand hours of playing without wearing down. Plus, the textured grip not only prevents slipping, but also gives you the confidence to play with precision.


Are these picks suitable for acoustic and electric guitars?

Yes, Pickboy Nylon Grip Picks are suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars, making them versatile for all types of players.

Can I reuse these picks?

While these picks are durable, they are also affordable enough to be replaced regularly for optimal performance.

Do they come in different colors?

Currently, these picks are available in black, providing a sleek and professional look.


With Pickboy Nylon Grip Picks, you can take your guitar playing to the next level. The 0.50mm thickness, high-quality nylon material, and textured grip make these picks a must-have for any guitarist looking for comfort and control. Say goodbye to slipping and hello to seamless playing with Pickboy Nylon Grip Picks.

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