Prairie Dog Elk Antler Chew | Naturally Shed – Hand Harvested in North America | Large

Prairie Dog Elk Antler Chew | Naturally Shed – Hand Harvested in North America | Large

Prairie Dog Elk Antler Chew

Are you looking for a natural and long-lasting chew for your furry friend? Look no further than Prairie Dog Elk Antler Chews. Our chews are naturally shed and hand harvested in North America, providing a safe and sustainable option for your pet.

Benefits of Elk Antler Chews

Natural and Nutritious

Elk antlers are rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, and protein. They provide a natural source of minerals that can support your pet’s overall health.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Unlike traditional rawhide chews, elk antlers are extremely durable and can last for months, making them a cost-effective option for pet owners.

Dental Health

Chewing on elk antlers can help remove plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth, promoting good dental hygiene and reducing the risk of dental issues.

Why Choose Prairie Dog Elk Antler Chews

At Prairie Dog, we are committed to providing the highest quality chews for your pets. Our elk antlers are sourced from naturally shed antlers in North America, ensuring that no harm comes to the elk during the harvesting process. Each antler is hand-selected to guarantee the best quality for your furry friend.

Available Sizes

Our elk antler chews come in a variety of sizes to suit dogs of all breeds and ages. Whether you have a small or large dog, we have the perfect chew for them. Our large size is ideal for bigger breeds and aggressive chewers.

Safe and Sustainable

By choosing Prairie Dog Elk Antler Chews, you are not only providing a safe and natural chew for your pet, but you are also supporting sustainable practices. Elk antlers are a renewable resource, and by using them as chews, we are reducing waste and promoting environmental conservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are elk antler chews safe for dogs?

Yes, elk antler chews are safe for dogs. They are natural, non-toxic, and do not splinter like some other types of chews.

How long do elk antler chews last?

The durability of elk antler chews can vary depending on the size and chewing habits of your dog. However, they are known to last for a long time, making them a great long-term chew option.

Are elk antler chews suitable for puppies?

While elk antler chews are generally safe for puppies, it’s important to choose the right size and supervise them during chewing to prevent any potential choking hazards.


When it comes to providing a natural, durable, and nutritious chew for your pet, Prairie Dog Elk Antler Chews are the perfect choice. With their sustainable sourcing and long-lasting benefits, you can feel good about giving your furry friend a chew that they will love.

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