VERSANORA Teamson Home Dining Tables

VERSANORA Teamson Home Dining Tables

Your Lifestyle Demands Simplicity – VERSANORA Teamson Home Dining Tables

But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Sacrifice On Style. The Ashton Rectangular Dining Table From Our Versanora Marble Collection Combines Postmodernism With Classical Greek Inspirations For A Totally Unique Look. Inspired By Classic Materials, The Ashton Table Combines Solid Wood With A Marble Veneer Top Finish, For A High-End Classical Look That Isn’t Too Over The Top. Those Tried And True Materials Are Combined With A Postmodern Style That Completely Reinvents The Dining Room Table, And Will Add A Bit Of A Retro Vibe To Your Space. This Table Thinks Outside The Box – Just Like You. It’s Multi-Material Look Gives It A Unique Flare, But Keeps Everything Totally Functional. The Multi-Functioning Piece Can Be Used As A Dining Room Table, Desk Or Craft Table Enabling In The Be Placed It In Any Space In Your Home The Requires An Extra Special Touch. In The Middle You Can Showcase An Important Object, A Beautiful Plant Or Why Not Add A Pop Of Colour With Some Coloured Table Dressings Or Plates. The Ashton Dining Table Really Has It All, Beauty And Simplicity With Style – The Ideal Combination For A Modern Lifestyle. Match With Other Marble Furniture Pieces From The Versanora Furniture Range To Complete The Look Throughout Your Home.

About this item

With a marble veneer tabletop and trapezoid frame, this dining room table completes your dining requirement in modern style. The high-quality top finish means you don’t need a tablecloth anymore. The contemporary design with marble texture pattern provides a natural vibe to blend in with any decor. The legs are made with solid wood for a sturdy, durable frame. This simplicity style table with a spotless white top is suitable for any decoration.


  • Marble veneer tabletop
  • Trapezoid frame
  • High-quality top finish
  • Contemporary design with marble texture pattern
  • Solid wood legs for a sturdy frame
  • Simplicity style with a spotless white top

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can this table be used as a desk?

Yes, the multi-functioning design of the Ashton Dining Table allows it to be used as a dining room table, desk, or craft table.

2. Does the table come with chairs?

No, the table does not come with chairs. It is sold separately.

3. What are the dimensions of the table?

The dimensions of the table are 139.7×76.2×74.93 cm.


The VERSANORA Teamson Home Dining Tables offer a unique and stylish option for your dining room. The Ashton Rectangular Dining Table combines classical Greek inspirations with postmodernism, resulting in a high-end classical look that is perfect for any modern lifestyle. With its marble veneer top and solid wood legs, this table is not only beautiful but also durable. Its multi-functioning design allows it to be used as a dining room table, desk, or craft table, making it a versatile piece for any space in your home. Complete the look by matching it with other marble furniture pieces from the Versanora Furniture Range. Experience simplicity, style, and functionality with the Ashton Dining Table.

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