WRITECH Fine Point Gel Pens: Smooth Writing Extral Fine Point Tip

WRITECH Fine Point Gel Pens: Smooth Writing Extral Fine Point Tip

WRITECH Fine Point Gel Pens: Smooth Writing Extral Fine Point Tip

Are you tired of your pens smudging or bleeding through the paper? Look no further than WRITECH Fine Point Gel Pens. Our retractable 0.5mm blue-ink color pen is designed for smooth writing, with an extra fine point tip and quick-dry ink that won’t bleed through the page. Whether you’re journaling, note-taking, or doodling, these pens are perfect for all your writing needs.


Retractable Design

Say goodbye to lost pen caps. The retractable design of WRITECH Fine Point Gel Pens makes them convenient and easy to use.

0.5mm Blue-Ink Color

The vibrant blue ink adds a pop of color to your writing, making it stand out on the page.

Smooth Writing

Experience effortless writing with the smooth flow of our gel pens, perfect for creating clean and precise lines.

Extral Fine Point Tip

The extra fine point tip allows for intricate details and precise writing, making these pens ideal for journaling and intricate artwork.

Quick-dry Ink

Never worry about smudges or smears again. The quick-dry ink ensures that your writing stays pristine and clear.

No Bleed

Our pens are designed to prevent bleed-through, so you can confidently write on both sides of the paper without any ink seeping through.


  • Perfect for journaling, note-taking, and doodling
  • Convenient retractable design
  • Quick-dry ink prevents smudging
  • No bleed-through for clean, double-sided writing
  • Extra fine point tip for precise writing and detailing


Q: Are these pens refillable?

A: Unfortunately, WRITECH Fine Point Gel Pens are not refillable. However, each set comes with 10 pens, so you’ll have plenty to last you a long time.

Q: Can I use these pens on glossy paper?

A: While the quick-dry ink is designed to work well on most paper types, we recommend testing on a small area of glossy paper before using the pens extensively.


With WRITECH Fine Point Gel Pens, you can elevate your writing experience. Say goodbye to smudges, smears, and bleed-through, and enjoy the smooth, effortless writing that these pens provide. Whether you’re a journaling enthusiast, a meticulous note-taker, or an avid doodler, these pens are the perfect addition to your writing arsenal.

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