ZAKOVI Car Wind Deflectors

ZAKOVI Car Wind Deflectors

ZAKOVI Car Wind Deflectors

Are you tired of rain getting into your car when you have the windows cracked? Do you want to reduce wind turbulence and noise when driving at high speeds? Look no further than ZAKOVI 4PCS Car Wind Deflectors designed specifically for Suzuki Fengyu SX4 S-CROSS JY 2013-2020. These wind deflectors are tinted and in-channel type, making them a stylish and practical addition to your vehicle.

Key Features

1. Perfect Fit

The ZAKOVI car wind deflectors are custom-designed to fit the Suzuki Fengyu SX4 S-CROSS JY 2013-2020 perfectly. They are not a universal fit, ensuring a seamless and sleek look for your vehicle.

2. Ventilation in Rain

With these wind deflectors, you can keep your car ventilated even when it’s raining outside. The in-channel design allows you to crack the windows without letting rainwater in, providing fresh air circulation at all times.

3. Reduce Wind Turbulence

Driving at high speeds can often lead to excessive wind noise and turbulence inside the car. The ZAKOVI wind deflectors help to minimize these effects, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Easy Installation

Installing the ZAKOVI car wind deflectors is a breeze. The in-channel type means that they can be easily inserted into the window channels without the need for any additional tools or adhesive. Simply follow the included instructions for a hassle-free installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these wind deflectors compatible with other car models?

No, these wind deflectors are specifically designed for the Suzuki Fengyu SX4 S-CROSS JY 2013-2020 and may not fit other car models.

Can I still use automatic windows with these deflectors installed?

Yes, the in-channel design allows for normal operation of the windows without any interference from the deflectors.


Enhance the functionality and style of your Suzuki Fengyu SX4 S-CROSS JY 2013-2020 with ZAKOVI 4PCS Car Wind Deflectors. Keep your car ventilated in rain, reduce wind turbulence, and enjoy a more pleasant driving experience overall. With easy installation and a perfect fit, these wind deflectors are a must-have accessory for any Suzuki owner.

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