ZENTEX – Analogue – Mens and Female Wrist Watches

ZENTEX – Analogue – Mens and Female Wrist Watches

ZENTEX – Analogue – Mens and Female Wrist Watches

Looking for a stylish and affordable wristwatch? Look no further than ZENTEX Analogue Mens and Female Wrist Watches. Our pack of 2 includes a Golden Black watch for men and a Silver White watch for women, each with a unique and elegant design.

Key Features

Stylish Designs

Both the men’s and women’s watches feature a sleek and modern design that is perfect for any occasion. The Golden Black watch exudes a sense of luxury, while the Silver White watch adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Pack of 2

With each pack containing 2 different watches, you can easily switch up your style to suit your mood or outfit. Whether you’re going for a casual look or dressing up for a special event, these watches have got you covered.

Precision Timekeeping

Our analogue watches are equipped with high-quality quartz movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping for your convenience. You can rely on these watches to keep you on schedule throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the watches water-resistant?

Yes, both watches are water-resistant, making them suitable for everyday wear. However, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to water to maintain the integrity of the watches.

Do the watches come with a warranty?

Yes, all ZENTEX watches come with a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. If you encounter any issues with your watches, simply reach out to our customer service team for assistance.


Upgrade your accessory game with ZENTEX Analogue Mens and Female Wrist Watches. With their stylish designs, reliable timekeeping, and the convenience of a pack of 2, these watches are a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their look. Order your pack today and experience the perfect blend of fashion and function!

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